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it's all about you

  it's all about you  

The well-known statement “Change your thoughts and change your life” doesn’t really work because while having positive thoughts do help, it is the emotional energy behind the thoughs which has an impact on results.

Thoughts = Feelings = Emotions = Beliefs

To set things in motion, start by doing some preliminary steps yourself. See yourself where you want to be. Decide what you want for yourself and visualise yourself already having everything you want. Pets might find this somewhat challenging but with some thoughtful human intervention, it is certainly achievable.

This will help you to fine-tune what you really want out of life. It may seem like a game but it’s not. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are energy so to attract what you want into your life, you need to have higher vibrational energy in those areas in order to bring you in alignment with what you want.

Putting yourself in the desired position starts to shift your energy from what you DON'T want to what you DO want..

Don’t try to work out how this will happen, don’t indulge in the “what if” scenarios we are programmed to do. Just send the intentional message out via your thoughts, feelings and emotions and allow it to happen. That is, focus on the results and not on the solutions. Do this from a place of joy.

In a nutshell, this is what the Universal Laws are all about. It affects all areas of life … health, wealth, relationships, success joy etc. So if we satisfy the parameters for it to work, it will.

But there is work to be done and we can help you do it. There is nothing for you to do other than enoy the improvements.Your energy can affect your computer.
Go away for a while




everything is a reflection of you




Needless to say, to be truly effective in everything you do, you need to get yourself in order first. So let’s get down to it and make this entirely about YOU!

So who are you?

You may be of either gender, any age, a parent, a spouse or partner, a sibling, a child, a student, someone who is working or looking for a job, a corporate executive, a business owner, an athlete or team player … or even a pet (furry, feathered, scaly or other)

YOU are the one with whom we are working.

So, whoever you are, you have thoughts, feelings and emotional experiences just like everyone else except for the fact that the thoughts, feelings and emotions YOU experience are specifically yours because you are uniquely YOU.


only the NOW exists


tree analogy








healthy attitude

  health and wellness  


Your health is your first priority.

If your health is anything other than perfect, it is the first place to start your healing because, without perfect health, it will be difficult to enjoy the assets you have in your life.

Good health is normal. The human body is designed to heal itself but, because of the emotional baggage we tend to collect in normal everyday life, enjoying perfect health can become challenging.

For example, take a migraine or another type of headache. It can have a debilitating effect on everything. Even if you have dozens of things to do, they don’t seem to matter because all you are able to do is focus on the headache. But focusing on it won't make it go away.

Interestingly, although a migraine or headache is a fairly common occurrence, there doesn't seem to be a definitive cure for it. Pain medication, while providing some temporary relief, tends to do more harm in the long run.

We now know that, in all probability, negative energy is the root cause of the headache. The emotion(s) may have been trapped perhaps even in early childhood and releasing them often results in remarkable improvement, if not a complete cure. Trapped emotions, being energy, do not show up on X-rays nor can they be detected in medical tests. Also, no amount of medication will release them. As long as they remain in the body, they will continue to disrupt the body.

The headache is used as a simple example because most people can relate to it. But it appears that the root cause of all diseases is trapped emotions.

So whatever your issue, let us release the disharmonious trapped energies which may be contributing to it and in so doing, endeavour to ensure your good health, making it your biggest, most treasured asset.

If you are in perfect health, you should be 100% comfortable within yourself. Just make sure you don’t ignore even the slightest discomfort the way most people are prone to do, accepting them as being normal. Consider anything and everything that doesn’t feel quite right to be an indicator which needs to be investigated. It could be the start of something which could develop into a serious ailment, and if so, now is the time to halt it in its tracks.

Also, be aware that the discomfort you feel from a trapped emotion need not necessarily be health related. It may be or could become a sabotaging impediment to other areas of your life, including your relationships, prosperity, success, goals and aspirations.

healthy weight  


good health is wealth

Your health is your foundation.

Fortunately, the human body is capable of healing itself if the energy field is clear. But as we know, this is not always the case … the culprit being trapped emotions. The good news is that we can help you release them.

Some of the basic questions you can ask yourself are:

  • Do you have any diagnosed health issues?
  • Are you concerned about your weight?
  • Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, fear or any phobias?
  • Are you experiencing memory lapses?
  • Do you feel tired for no reason?
  • Do you feel emotionally unstable?
  • Do you just feel you are not 100% healthy … and the list can goes on.

In most cases, releasing the trapped emotions causing them will show marked improvement or may even clear the issue completely.

Your body is the perfect, most accurate indicator of everything that is going on in your life so don’t neglect the minor discomforts, even if they don’t bother you too much physically because they may be pointing to an area of your life that needs attention.





thought frequency

heal your relationship with you



It is interesting to note that if something in your life is not working completely to your satisfaction, it is a relationship issue. That is, the relationship between your energy and the energy of whatever it is you want.

The word “Relationship” does not necessarily mean a physical relationship but it is, in fact, the energetic relationship you have with absolutely everything in your life … because everything is energy. If the frequency of the energy you are transmitting is not congruent with what you want, then you could be blocking it from coming to you.

Fortunately, it can be fairly easy to release the energetic blocks standing in your way.

So, if you are experiencing any difficulties with

  • Your spouse, partner, children, family members, friends or colleagues
  • Your health, wealth, money, success, prosperity, career, studies etc.

it is more than likely that the root cause is an energetic relationship issue.

experience life   wealth is freedom  

What is wealth?

Wealth relates to all aspects of your life and if you are happy in all of them, you are truly wealthy. So if you are blessed with perfect health, if you are financially independent and secure, if your family is happy and healthy, if you have everything you want to make you blissfully happy, you will be wealthy and free.

So true wealth is freedom.

But arguably, a very real aspect of wealth is your financial abundance and a lot of the disharmones experienced in life are directly related to lack of money. So we will address it here keeping in mind that whatever applies to money also applies to everything else you may want in your life.

Money is only a piece of paper or a piece of metal and in reality, it is not the actual money you want but what the money can do for you. The freedom that it can brings\ to you.

Energy plays a huge part in this because, to have money in your life, it is important to align your energy with the energy of money.

So if you decide you want true wealth in your life, that you want to enjoy the freedom money can bring, we can help you release the energetic emotions which are sabotaging you from receiving money. It is important to ensure that you keep attracting it with thoughts which align you energetically with the energy of money.

So, what is wealth?

having it all


Remember money is only a small part of what is commonly referred to as wealth or abundance.


"Abundance is the ability to
have what you want, when you want it,
without having to worry about the cost."












  achieve your goals  

The type of success you want is unique to you because everyone defines success differently. So think about what you are experiencing.

  • Is success eluding you?
  • Are you unable to receive?
  • Are you scared and incapable of taking action?
  • Do you have low self esteem or self-worth?
  • Do you give up too soon or postpone what you need to do?
  • Are you experiencing a lack of direction?
  • Are you confused and overcome with self-doubt and despair?
  • Do you resent the successes others experience?

These are some of the basic issues that crop up most often. But you may have your own issues. The importat thing to remember is that all these issues may have their roots in emotional energies you may have trapped or even absorbed as a baby from those around you. They tend to sabotage your success in inexplicable ways.

But the chaos can be cleared energetically to help you to perhaps take two steps at a time to achieving your goals.

    live your life your way  
happy   happy lifestyle  


The lifestyle people choose to pursue differs from person to person. While some might want to lead an active, dynamic life, others might want to spend their days relaxed and blissful.

However, your lifestyle of choice is dependent on everything that is happening in other areas of your life. You want to be happy and fulfilled so you can enjoy your pursuits completely and without reservation.

Sure, people follow their interests regardless but how much better would it be if everything was working in perfect synchronicity?

What makes a person happy is a state of being which is unique to them. So obviously you would have some idea what this is for you. But generally speaking, it would help if you enjoyed perfect health, a successful career, financial abundance, your family enjoying all of the same so you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

Life should be the dream
you've always dreamt of.



    elder care  


To be happy and fulfilled in your life, you would want to do whatever you can to ensure that the elders in your care are well and as happy as they can be. So it is well worth the effort to carry out an investigative process to ensure that they are healthy and happy.

If they have been diagnosed with dementia or other conditions related to ageing, it is a good idea to check whether emotional energies may be causing or contributing to the symptoms.

The energy work or process is the same for for everyone, regardless of age.

However, special mention needs to be made about your older family members who may be too ill or unable to make decisions on their own.

If they are under your care …whether it is in your home or in a nursing home, the energy work will have to be done through you, with your permission.

The same applies to anyone who is unable to make their own decisions, through accident or illness, regardless of age.








  happy children


However young children are, they need the same clearing as adults and for children under 18 years of age, the permission of a parent, guardian or carer is required.

Most of the issues faced in adult life are generally the result of childhood experiences ... from birth to about 7 years. What the child experiences may be something fairly basic like someone else taking the last piece of birthday cake. It might upset the child badly enough to trap an emotion like say, "Worthles" which, in later life, can cause all sorts of blocks to receiving.

Babies can also absorb emotions from people and situations around them.

While these are examples of what practically every child experiences, we should be aware that there are many children who experience real acts of neglect, abuse and cruelty which cause them unimaginable pain, turmoil and scarring. Unfortunately, such situations often go undetected and it’s often too late when they are..

So if you have children, it would be particularly beneficial to the child if all emotional energies are released, regardless of the child’s age.

Allow them to start teir lives with a clean slate.






love your pets


pet care


And let’s not forget the pets who are very much a part of your family.

Pets (furry, feathered, scaly etc) have feelings and are very much like people. Their thoughts and minds work in much the same way as humans. Although they cannot speak, look out for other ways they are trying to communicate with you and try to understand. Something naughty they have done may be uat their way of attempting to send you a message!

Go out of your way to give them the love and happiness they deserve. Nurture hem and keep them safe.

Now, evaluate your situation ...

  • Are your pets not at their best?
  • Are they showing changes to their normal patterns?
  • Are they restless and anxious?
  • Are they showing signs of jealousy?
  • Towards people or other pets?
  • Are they showing signs of distrust?

Like children, pets are also subject to neglect and cruelty, something we need to eradicate from society. This is especially so in the case of surrendered pets or rescue pets and so, by recognizing the tell-tale signs the pet might be demonstrating, we can work on releasing whatever emotions they may have trapped inside them and provide them with a loving, caring environment in which to grow and enjoy

As with elders and children, permission is required from the pet’s owner before any energetic work can be done.











student is ready



Whether you are attending kindergarten or woeking in your Ph.D, you are likely to be having disharmonious energies. This is normal in the life of every human being because emotions are trapped and stored from the time of conception!

However, while it is highly likely that the consequences of infant or early childhood emotional entrapment may not surface during your student life or in your studies and you may sail through your education unhindered and with flying colours, it is also possible that an incident (innocuous or provocative) may trigger a reaction sending you into a tailspin.

If you do experience difficulties during your student years, they may have their roots in emotions you trapped as a child.

So whatever your age, if you are a student

  • Are you falling behind in your studies?
  • Are you finding it hard to concentrate?
  • Are you listless and/or inattentive?
  • Do you feel isolated, excluded or rejected?
  • Are you being bullied?
  • Or are you a bully?
  • Do you find it hard to make friends?

These and many more situations related to yout student life can be resolved by clearing trapped emotions which may be the root cause.

success   successful career  


There comes a time when you may want a change for reasons of your own.

  • Maybe you are unhappy at work
  • Maybe the work you do is no longer challenging
  • Maybe you are experiencing personality clashes
  • Maybe you feel you are being overlooked
  • Maybe you just need a change
  • Maybe even a career change

if you find yourself in any of the above or similar situations, it is possible that it is caused by emotional energies you have trapped inside you so it would be a good idea to release these emotions to start with to see whether things change for you.

If you still feel despondent about your work situation, this might be the right time for that perfect change.

Everyone needs to grow and blossom so finding the perfect solution to do that for you will help you live a happy. fulfilled life.

    love your job  

anything is possible

choose to be happy

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