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    Energy Exchange ... or Pricing, to put it in commercial terms
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What is it worth to you to have peace, joy and freedom in your life?

What is it worth to you to have a company or group that is on top of its class, with everyone in it interacting happily and perfectly with each other?

Most people would like to experience, joy. peace and harmony in their lives and to see their companies flourish in a similar manner. Since every situation is unique, every energy exchange package needs to be tailored to suit the specific requirements of the Company or Group for which it is prepared. Contact us to discuss.

    If you have any questions about individual sessions, please contact us.
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To clarify a little further, since the options are endless, we developed this Site around a Company or Group in an effort to cover a wide range of situations.

The essence of the work we do always revolves around the individual. YOU. So if you are an independent person, not part of a Company or Group, that's perfectly fine. If you would like to improve any area of your life, or perhaps it's your child or a pet you are concerned about, just contact us and we can have a chat to see what we can do for you.

The options available to a Company or Group can vary and depends on the issues being faced, the number of people involved etc. The upper numbers would vary considerably in each organisation while the minimum could be as low as 1 for a Company (sole proprietor) and 2 for a Group. So, "one size" wouldn't fit all!

Implementing an energy-based wellness program for an organisation, regardless of its size, is a fairly simple process. In a large organisation, making progress quickly and effectively may be better achieved by working on a Department by Department basis or breaking the numbers down to smaller groups,perhaps starting in areas where the "uplifting" is most needed, and so on. Since every organisation has its own fundamental operational strategy aa well as its own concerns, some in-depth discussions would ensure that a satisfactory wellness program is successfully implemented.

An alternative start-up measure would be to include our services in the organisation's wellness program so we can assist staff as and when needed.

Or the scope could be based on a specific number of hours per week or month and so on.

There are countless options available so talk to us about your requirements and together we can create the perfect solution for you.

Just a reminder ...
Since we can do this work from a distance, it doesn't matter where you are located! Besides, it will not disrupt your day to day activities.

  Energy Exchange and what it means

energy of coin

The energy field of a coin

law of compensation








money appreciation










parking ticket

Even a parking ticket
symbolises the Energy of Money


ticket is epitome of energy

as also this admission ticket





Now we come to the subject of money. I admit that I have been somewhat uncomfortable about discussing money and especially so when it came to setting fees for my services. Witnessing the improvements people experienced were so rewarding that my inclination was to give … to facilitate the healing and not detract from the moment with an invoice!. But I soon found out that there were several flaws in my way of thinking ... with repercussions both for myself and for my clients.

The flaw in my thinking came from not understanding the Universal Laws and Concepts as well as what the “energy” of money meant until recently, when someone more knowledgeable than I am, explained it to me in simple terms.

We know that everything is energy. Absolutely everything, including the human body, breaks down to sub-atomic quantum particles which is energy.

Money is also energy with its own energy field, vibration and frequency. Energy travels in frequencies and vibrations and if our energetic frequencies are aligned to the energetic frequency of money, then we attract it to us. That is the basic principle.

Then there is the Law of Compensation which states (in Ralph Waldo Emerson's words)

"Each person is compensated in like manner
for that which he or she has contributed."

We will always be compensated for our efforts and for our contribution ... whatever It is, whether it is substantial or just a little. In other words,

We get what we give.
Energy exchange is necessary for perfect balance in our lives.

Let us apply these principles to everyday practices in today's commercial world. For the purposes of this exercise, we will focus on services and fees.

Energy exchange always existed. In the beginning, the exchange was made in corn, chickens, donkeys etc. until money came into being and the practice of exchanging money for goods and/or services became the standard practice.

For perfect balance, what is given should be equal to what is received. The "value" of the product or service should equal its cost. We know that. But not everyone follows this principle … often, buyers want to pay less and sellers want to charge more. We all know this practice exists.

Because the energy exchange is equal in the quantum weighing scales, no one wins or loses! We get what we give even though the compensation may not be in kind.

A simple example of compensation in kind (say money) is if a buyer unfairly negotiated a price far below the value of the item which resulted in a loss for the seller. The buyer's success will be short-lived and he is likely to experience some sort of loss … maybe in the form of unexpected expenses whereby he pays the price indirectly. Similarly, the seller might receive a windfall from an unexpected source which would make up for the loss he had sustained.

You can verify this if you make it a point to remember and notice what happes in your life.

The losses and unexpected expenses people and companies experience from time to time are most likely the direct result of the actions they took and/or choices they made ... somewhere, sometime. The same is true for profits and gains they make. It is the Law of Compensation. in action.

The energetic compensation is not always experienced in kind and when it is seen in other areas such as health, relationships etc. the conseqquences could potentially be much worse.

Those who want to negotiate the lowest price for something that is realisticly priced or want  "something-for-nothing" are operating from a lack consciousness and are, in fact, doing themselves a huge disservice. Energy being what it is, they will be compensated in kind.

The Universe is abundant and everyone is entitled to live an abundant life. No one gains at someone else's expense. It is therefore important to choose to act in abundance and compensate for value received (and given) in a fair and equitable manner.

Another subtlety about the energy of money is that everything relating to money, for example bills, receipts, statements, tickets (even parking tickets), vouchers, credit cards, cheques etc., is an embodiment of money and therefore carries the energy of money. Paying for something is “giving” and being paid constitutes “receiving” and this "flow" of energy is necessary.

Please be advised that this brief narrative is not intended to justify our fees! Since this concept is something that I only recently understood properly, I am merely attempting to share it for the benefit of those who may still be in the dark!

Needless to say, it has brought some real meaning to things we all do every day … from buying a coffee to making major purchases … and now, I consciously give this energy a lot more respect than I did in the past.  

Our fee structure is based on the value of the services we provide. Besides being ethical, we certainly wouldn’t want to be in breach of the Universal Laws!

That said, because of the nature of our services (healing and wellness) we often enhance what we do with additional extras as and when we are intuitively prompted to do so. This is done not because it is requested but because we feel intuitively that it would be beneficial to our clients. When we choose to give more, it will not affect the energy exchange aspects for the recipient. So our clients can relax in the knowledge that there is no likelihood of them facing any repercussions. On the contrary, because the extra care and attention is given from the heart, it will certainly escalate their healing.

anything is possible

choose to be happy

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