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Every sportsperson is generally part of a Group.

While it is easy to identify Sports Teams as a Group, athletes who compete individually are also part of a Group because they represent a Team, a State or a Country.

Because everything is energy, what occurs within a group is influenced, for the most part, by the direct result of the energetic frequencies of every individual who is part of that group. So whether the gameis being played as a team or individually, it is all about YOU. The individual.

Therefore, the section on Companies is applicable to all groups because what it all reduces down to is YOU. That is, every individual within a group, club, association, institution etc. If everyone is happy and therefore, "whole", there will be harmony within the organisation, allowing desired goals to be achieved, easily and effortlessly.

Since team sports is of great interest to most people, we will use a sports club as an example to explain where some issues can exist and how energy work can be beneficial in clearing them.


Everything that relates to Companies, applies to sports clubs and team sports because both comprise groups of individuals with a common goal. To succeed. To win.

To begin with, is your Club  a team or just a group?
A sports club is made up of a group of people from different backgrounds who have a common interest. The game. The group of players becomes a team when they identify themselves as one ... when there is no personal agenda and everyone performs in a cohesive fashion supporting and applauding each other as they strive towards their common goal … to win.

However, it is not just the players or the coaches who make this happen. Everyone in the club needs to be attuned to this outcome which means the entire Club needs to be a Team.

While the general perception is that the performance of the playing team rests with the coach. this need not necessarily be true. While getting a group of players to perform as a team reflects the coach’s ability to draw individuals together … to think as one, perform as one could be challenging at times. Some of the common issues which show up are

  • Personality clashes
  • Behavioural issues
  • Insecurity
  • Lack of confidence
  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of focu
  • Inability to apply themselves
  • Lack of interest
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These are common human issues which tend to show up more readily in group situations because individuals find themselves in close proximity to one another.

It is important to understand that regardless of the situation and/or environment, whenever the human element is involved, there will be issues of varying intensity within the group and even though they may be successfully masked, they still exist and will be felt on an energetic level. And there is a reason for this.

Before we delve into that, please be aware that this is not an attempt to re-invent the roles of coach and player. It is merely an attempt to demonstrate that there could be one important missing ingredient which is making it a little more difficult to tie it all together.

The reason for potential disharmony between individuals is because every person carries emotional baggage unique to him/her and these energies sabotage them in various ways. This is normal. It is a part of life. Statements like “Leave your problems at home” don’t mean a thing because it is something that’s just not possible to accomplish. Embedded emotional energies go wherever the person goes and they continue to affect the person and everyone in their energy field.

Everything is energy which means that everything and everyone is connected energetically and consequently, the energetic frequency of an individual’s life experiences, known or unknown (as in the case of certain childhood experiences) can have a blocking impact, on themselves and on those around them, in later life.

For instance if, as a child you were told you couldn’t have a toy you wanted, you might have been hurt and upset, unable to handle the situation which caused you to trap the energy associated with that emotion... for instance, it may be the emotion “Unworthy” in this instance ... and it is safely filed away in your sub-conscious mind. From then on it's like a piece of software which plays continuously in the background sabotaging you from what you really want. It may be passing an exam, landing a job, a relationship, a win.



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Often these trapped emotions lie dormant but when the desire to have something emerges, it triggers the trapped emotion which sends the message that you are unworthy of having it. This is just the way your sub-conscious keeps you safe, from being hurt again. Theoretically, it doesn't make sense but the sub-conscious does not theorise. It merely acts on the emotions and beliefs literally.

The trapped emotions need not be related to present day happenings. The energy of the trapped emotion "Unworthy" assumes you are unworthy to receive anything you desire.

Similarly, thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs also tend to put a spanner in the works.

We are aware that there are many people who have been exposed to serious, traumatic experiences from which they would have trapped emotions and we are not in any way minimizing them. We are merely citing a simple, basic example that every child is likely to have experienced at some stage (although the emotion trapped may have been different) to demonstrate the effects of childhood trapped emotions in later life.

So now, looking at thr entire Club, ask yourself ...

  • Is your group of players a cohesive team?
  • Are you losing some games?
  • Are there any performance issues?
  • Is something not quite right?
  • Is there any friction between players or between player(s) and coach?
  • is there friction between coach and management?
  • Is there any disharmony or tension within the Club?
  • Is management completely happy?
  • Is everyone in the club happy and interacting harmoniously?


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enjoy and win



And win!


These are just a few common issues most groups experience and if your club is experiencing one or more of them, it is probably the result of core fractures within the Club. There is no need to be alarmed (or place blame on anyone) because they are simply the result of discordant energies and, although they may not be felt physically, everyone has them and friction of varying intensity can exist, causing efforts at positivity to be out of alignment with the desired outcome or ultimate goal.

So, what do we do about all this?
While coaching, training and playing continue in ways the club knows best, results can be enhanced with some energy work to release the trapped energetic blocks that exist.

In an ideal world, everyone in the Club  would be clear of all energetic blocks so negative or disharmonious energies which might sabotage the game are not being transmitted. This would also foster a happy and congenial environment at the Club.

The energetic process involved in releasing trapped emotions is simple. It is the same whether the emotions are basic or traumatic and releasing them will start to heal the individual without the use of medication. What is even more important to know is that, in the case of traumatic experiences especially, the person does not have to divulge anything and so it is 100% confidential even between the individual and practitioner. Also, because this work can be done from a distance, there is no need for personal face-to-face communication (if that is preferred) which sets the confidentiality aspect at an even higher level while at the same time, allowing individuals no disruption to their normal, daily lives.

Based on the nature of the experience(s) there may be several layers to peel off but positive results are likely to be experienced from the first session.

So, the missing ingredient to forming a cohesive team and winning games through happy, friendly team-playing is energetic ... more specifically, the negative vibration of emotions which individuals have trapped in the form of energy. Releasing them and live a life without boundaries.

So why not introduce the "Happiness Factor"? Because when every individual is completely free of all disharmonious energetic issues they will be truly happy in every area of their lives. They will be free to give of their best, and Win

anything is possible

choose to be happy

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