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Like every profession or job, working on an offshore oil or gas platform also has its perks and drawbacks. While it is financially more lucrative than a conventional job, it is also a hazardous environment with conditions that are obviously vastly different to a traditional corporate business.

It is for this very reason that the offshore exploration industry has been introduced here as separate from a traditional corporate entity. Although many issues experienced by offshore workers and/or their families may be common to all professions, or even to life in general, the offshore environment is very different and consequently, the reasons or causes of difficulties faced by offshore workers need special mention.

While offshore work can be exciting and interesting it can also be difficult and trying. Sure such situations may be encountered in every profession but in this case, being located in the middle of the ocean makes it impossible to get away from it all, even for a moment. So for those who are experiencing difficulties, even the short stints spent offshore can seem like an eternity, often causing physical, mental and/or psychosocial issues while existing issues, if any, often escalate. Changing the dynamics can change everything.

It is not necessary to write a treatise on the subject because the issues are well known and well documented. Numerous suggestions have been presented and implemented but the issues remain. The good news is that we have the perfect solution to heal these issues discreetly and effectively.

From the organisation's perspective, having a happy, peaceful workplace environment is the ideal situation. But all too often, organisations only see the overall picture because they are not fully involved with the people and the interactions within the group. Consequently, even though obvious dissentions may not be evident, there could be subtle undercurrents that are causing energetic imbalances resulting in dissatisfaction and disharmony, which also cannot always be identified. Healing the root cause is the key.

Ideally, a well-balanced, successful workplace environment comes from a close-knit, well balanced, happy and contented group of people. So what is needed is a "home away from home" atmosphere. But each person in a group is an individual and, let's face it, even close-knit families experience occasional discord of some sort. Everyone has issues, some greater than others and trying to "fix" it may often prove to be futile.

There may be in-house counsellors in the organisation who can help but those who are feeling disconnected in any way would, more than likely, be reluctant to seek help from in-house personnel for reasons of their own, which is perfectly understandable.

So the feelings are suppressed. But the "energy" of those feelings cannot be suppressed. And since energy is fluid, it flows into the surrounding areas and to others in the group causing disharmony in various forms such as general unrest, tension, disquiet, stress etc. It is not seen. It is not identifiable. It is just there ... like an invisible cloud.

But know that it is just energy and it is therefore, nobody's fault.

I understand how energy works and I work with individuals directly to clear disharmonious energies. And, contrary to the usual sessions with counsellors, psychologists and/or psychiatrists, there is no need for anyone to tell me anything they don't want to disclose whether it is of a personal nature or otherwise. However, it would be useful to know the area in which improvement is needed ... in general terms like health, success, relationships etc. which is common to everyone ... so I can address it immediately for quicker results. All the work I do is 100% confidential so if anyone would prefer to have more interaction, I am more than happy to listen, to discuss and take their concerns on board for clearing and healing.

Some of the common issues which were discussed with me (while I was designing living quarters on platforms) are listed below, in no particular order. Needless to say, each individual is affected differently or not at all and therefore, these issues may or may not apply to everyone.

  • The isolation of being out in the middle of the ocean
  • Communal living and shared facilities.
    Being thrown in with people they wouldn't choose to be with.
    Language difficulties because workers came from different ethnic backgrounds
    Lack of privacy
  • The regimented lifestyle
  • Lack of exercise ... the inhouse gym doesn't always provide facilities to suit everyone and lacks the means for outdoor activity
  • Shift work which upset the body clock
  • Long working hours … often 12 hours at a stretch, in all types of weather
  • Boredom from job monotony
  • Illnesses, injuries and health issues including depression
    Illnesses start with energetic imbalances so clearing the root cause of health issues is the first step
  • PTSD issues especially following platform disasters and tragedies, even if they are not involved

How this may translate to conditions at home ... again, for some, not all.

At tis point, since I work directly with each person, and also since this is of a more personal nature than the workplace situation, I would like to address this family-based section to the person concerned ... YOU.

  • Relationship issues .... the most common ones being:
    Feeling left out.

    The initial excitement of having him home soon wears off and even the children look on him as a disruption to their established activities. To feel that he is not wanted or needed, that he doesn't belong in his own family, causes a lot of negative emotions to be generated and they continue to fester and grow

    Since life goes on, the wife become self-sufficient and she no longer needs her husband's input any more. She also has her own group of friends and activities which often makes him feel like the fifth wheel.

    Insecurity and doubts of the relationship begin to set in with suspicions of infidelity even if none exist. This is the result of the ego mind playing games and is exacerbated when back in the isolation of the platform environmnt.

    Re-adjusting can be difficult for everyone. Often he is irritable and moody and wants to be left alone while he re-adjusts. It's almost like performing a personal debriefing after deployment. This is hard on everyone.

    It often takes several days to unwind and get the body clock adjusted to normal time and just as it is achieved, it's time to go offshore again.

    The family also has to re-adjust to having him home. This includes the stress of the anticipation of his return home as well as his departure which can have far reaching consequences for the entire family.

    He has no control over his children’s upbringing, the rules having been set by the mother since she now assumes the role of the primary parent.

    Children can suffer as a result of their father's absence often experiencing abandonment issues and the like which could affect school related events (father's day, sports meets, concerts etc.) and other activities. Such childhood emotional issues are likely to have profound detrimental effects on their adult lives.

  • Behaviour patterns. The way each individual responds to the above and other related issues often causes unique behaviour patterns that are detrimental to relationships.

  • Alcoholism and excessive smoking can be issues, the reasons again being unique to each individual.

The Solution
As mentioned earlier, the core issue in all these situations is mainly energetic. By releasing the disharmonious energetic influences, all kinds of difficulties can be reduced or even obliterated. That's right. It can be done.

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And what's more, this work can be done from a distance so it doesn't matter where in the world you are located and you can also continue with your daily activities so there is no interruption to your life. That said, ifyou do want to communicate, it can definitely be arranged. It is your call.

The results of clearing the root causes of issues, both from the individual's and the organization's perspectives include:

  • Workers are happy in themselves
  • Interaction with fellow workers is more amicable making life on the platform enjoyable.
  • Work safety, which is of utmost importance, is enhanced because minds are clear and not distracted by personal issues.
  • Personal and family relationships are stabilized
  • Illnesses are contained, reduced and/or cleared

The lists above are in no way exhaustive. They are merely an indication of the common issues. Every person is unique and we adapt our processes to accommodate the specific needs of each individual, whatever they may be.

We understand both men and women work on offshore platforms. Our work is neither gender specific nor age specific. We work with everyone ... the men and women working on platforms as well as their families onshore to ensure the family unit is nurtured and uplifted, allowing everyone to live their lives to their highest potential.

Whatever the issue, It is usually no one's fault. It is just the way "energy" works.

A company with happy employees is a better company.

And better companies make a better world.





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Now comes the question ... Why me?


Well ... I believe I can do it. The merging of the two areas of my expertise, that of Architect and Energy Healer, places me in the perfect position to achieve the best outcomes for you.

As an architect. I have had many years experience mainly in the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. It was much later that I found myself on the healing path.

As the architect in charge of designing offshore living quarters, I visited platforms offshore and spoke to workers about their thoughts, their ideas, their needs in an effort to get an in-depth understanding of exactly what was needed to provide the perfect environment.

Everyone I spoke to was surprisingly communicative and forthcoming with their concerns which ranged from minor things (like losing a sock every time the laundry came back) to personal issues both at work offshore and at home with their families. Yes, the discussions often extended beyond the parameters of the Brief and THAT is what gives me the insight and therefore, the edge.

All that I could do at that time was design an occupant-friendly facility in an effort to satisfy user needs and reduce stress and tension as best I could.

Now however, I am in a position to provide that much needed healing aspect. Understanding the offshore environment and the issues it presents as I do and also knowing the solution to heal these issues means I am perfectly equipped and uniquely positioned to get to work and improve the situation from Day One.

At the risk of repeating myself, I have to emphasize that, unlike the work of psychologists and psychiatrists, it is not necessary for anyone to disclose anything personal if they choose not to do so. All we need to know is the area(s) of your life you want to improve. Or we can heal the basic areas of concern which are generally common to all. However, if you do want to discuss anything it is 100% confidential. We welcome the communication which can be by email or phone and reports will be provided. Personal sessions (which are obviously dependent on proximity) can also be arranged. It is entirely your call.

And of course, no mediation is involved.


anything is possible

choose to be happy

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