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All of these comprise a group of people with a common interest. A few of the popular ones, are named below and by addessing them, all groups, whether listed here or not, can be covered in general terms and personalised by adding specifics relevant to a particular group.

  • Sports Clubs (team sports and individual athletes)
  • Educational Institutions
  • Professional Institutes
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms
  • Mining Industry
  • Medical Facilities which includes
    • Hospitals
    • Aged Care
    • Mental Health
    • Foundations devoted to various clinically diagnosed diseases
  • Government which incudes
    • Polititions
    • Defence (returned veterans often experience PTSD etc.)
    • Correctional Detention Centres (adult and juvenile)
    • Police Departments
    • Government Departments
    • Government Sectors (includes those recently privatised)

Because everything is energy, what occurs within a group is influenced, for the most part, by the direct result of the energetic frequencies of every individual who is part of that group.

The section on Companies is applicable to all groups because what it all reduces down to is YOU. That is, every individual within a group, club, association, institution etc. If everyone is happy and therefore, "whole", there will be harmony within the organisation, allowing desired goals to be achieved, easily and effortlessly.


Offshore 215


While offshore work is seen as being exciting and unique, it can create issues both offshore and onshore, some of the contributing factors being

  • Isolation
  • Regimented lifestyle
  • Communal living
  • Lack of privacy
  • Shift work
  • Being away from home
  • Long working hours under all weather condirions

Granted that not everyone is affected but for those who are susceptible, the issues can range from slight to severe. Human nature being what it is, not everyone will admit to having issues, assuming that the anxiety and/or unsettled feelings they are experiencing are normal and that they can handle it themselves. But the fact is, that if these niggling feelings of discontent, doubt, fear and/or loneliness (to name a few) are allowed to grow, they could often develop into more serious conditions especially given the isolation which is inherent in offshore work.
But regardless of the severity, or otherwise, of the issues faced by individuals, it is good policy to provide a system which would keep track of and maintain the health and wellness of every person on the platform on a regular basis and consequently, bring harmony to the workplace.



Sport 215


Whether it is team sports or individual athletics, the main thrust is on winning.

As we know, everyone has energetic blocks sabotaging their efforts and the area of sport is by no way exempt.

They include everyone associated with sports and performance

  • Coaches, Trainers and Agents
  • Managers and Selectors
  • Counsellors and Medical Team
  • Players and Athletes
  • Dietitions
  • Media, Fans, Crowds
  • Family and Friends

It goes without saying that the end result of competetion sports rests on the performance of the athlete or each player of the team. However, there are a whole group of people who may seem unlikely but do have direct or indirect influence on the performer ... in a variety of ways, many of which they may not even be aware of.

Negative comments expressed publicly or otherwise, thoughts and feelings associated with personal and/or public life to name just two areas, are often likely to affect the persormance of sportspeople energetically by eroding their self-esteem, confidence, popularity etc.

Energy work can be beneficial in clearing disharmonious energetic emotions causing apprehension, performance anxiety, lack of concentration and the like.





This section includes those holding public office at Federal, State and Local Governments as well as all the associated sections. We also include government-run organisations which are now privatised. The section on Companies would apply here as well since the issues faced are similar.

  • Government
  • Government Departments
  • Police Departments
  • Judicial Systems & Commissions
  • Defence (returned veterans often experience PTSD etc.)
  • Correctional & Detention centres (adult and Juvenile)

Governments and Government Departments are always under scrutiny. And with the backlash which is inevitable when anything is announced, people in public office are always working under pressure.

So whatever position they hold, whether they are in office or in opposition, being able to work together harmoniously can only be a good thing ... for themselves, their families, their constituents, thegiv state and country.

If their heart is in the right place and they do want what is best for those whom they chose to serve, they will welcome some energy work to disentangle all those disharmonies which may prevent anything beneficial from being achieved for the bettement of humanity.

government bodies  






defence forces









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It has been acknowledged that mental issues are real enigma in today’s war-prone world.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and other anxiety related issues are common and receiving help as soon as possible is the best way to ensure the good health of the individuals concerned as well as the health and happiness of their families.

The fact is that an individual doesn’t have to be physically hurt to be adversely affected. Witnessing a traumatic incident or even just being in an area of combat and violence, that atmosphere, is enough for them to develop emotional issues which develop into PTSD, depression etc. Alcoholism and/or drug use can ensue as also anger, suicidal tendencies and personality disorders, all of which are unnecessary because the issues can be cleared before they develop into more serious stages.

Unfortunately, people are not always willing to talk about their difficulties and/or concerns and therefore the issues are not always identified at the early stage. The reasons vary … more often than not, people don’t fully realize the serious implications of the issues they are experiencing. They just know that all is not well and often feel that they will get over the nightmares, the sleep difficulties etc. within a few days or weeks. Then some arbitrary incident triggers an episode and it’s back to Square One or it may even take some back several steps.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

And best of all, it is not necessary for people to talk to us and re-live their traumatic experiences. In fact, they don’t even have to come to us and work with us face to face. What could be easier?

We are able to do the healing work from a distance and release the trapped emotional energies from traumatic incidents they have experienced. We do not need to know any details of their experiences so they are spared the additional trauma of having to relate them.

Often, PTSD is diagnosed after weeks of experiencing symptoms … and that too, only if they are known since, as mentioned earlier, people often keep such issues to themselves, putting themselves through unnecessary personal turmoil.

So why wait? Why not let us lend a hand. By dissolving energetic trauma held within the body, we can stop the condition from escalating to an issue or even stop it from becoming an issue.

If personal sessions are preferred, we are happy to provide them together with telephone and/or email access if needed. It is entirely up to the individual.

Whatever the process, our work is completely confidential. No one need know. We only need the person’s permission.  With remote healing work, we will provide reports which may be read, or not as the case may be, depending the individual's personal wishes.






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We are not talking about the patients but about those who work in these environments. Medical facilities are similar to companies so the same issues would exist, added to which the responsibility for nurturung human life, not to mention the long hours under which practitioners and staff at all levels work, adds to the intense pressure they are under, Consequently, they would benefit from some emotional energy clearing.

Medical institutions include but are not limited to

  • Hospitals
  • Mental Health Institutions
  • Aged Care
  • Clinics & Surgeries
  • Foundations devoted to various clnically diagnosed diseases


Several medical professionals have accepted the fact that energy work is producing real benefits to people and have started to incorporate energy medicine in their practices.

To quote Dr Mehmet Oz, Cardiothoracic Surgeon at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Vice Chairman, Dept of Surgery at Columbia University,

"As we get better at understanding how little we know
about the body, we begin to realize that the
next big frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine."

What energy work does is release trapped energetic emotions causing imbalances in the body. It is common knowledge that medical staff work under considerable pressure to provide much needed care and attention to their patients. And it stands to reason that it does nobody any good if they are stressed... whether it be from overwork or through concern for their patients.

So releasing whatever trapped emotions they may be holding within themselves is likely to free them from stress and/or whatever else they may be experiencing, allowing them to be happy and fulfilled while also allowing them to provide even better care and attention that their patients need.


Educational institutions comprises students, teachers and administrators at various levels.

In this instance, we are referring to the teachers and administrators within schools and colleges as well as those who make up the Education System and Departments, The focus is on the effects of their work environment on themselves and their health. Because education departments have a large number of people working closely together, these organisations are similar to companies and all of the issues found within companies would apply.

It is a fact that every individual has his/her own emotional baggage from their personal lives which may be further intensified under working conditions, the pressures associated with the work involved and/or interactions with co-workers. While not everyone is affected adversely, even one person who is stressed or unhappy is likely to cause disharmony in the workplace.

Energetic work can address such disharmonies and stop them from escalating allowing for a happy, well-balanced work environment which will ensure productivity and satisfaction in every individual and therefore the organisation.

Students have their own issues and these are discussed in YOU



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