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What are trapped emotions?
A trapped emotion is a ball or clump of energy which gets lodged in various parts of our body. They have their own energy fields and pulsates the energy of the emotion for as long as it is there. This distorts the energy field of the body, exerting a harmful influence on the physical tissues which often cause pain and/or contribute to the creation of problems such as illnesses and diseases, anxiety, depression and emotional self-sabotage which block us from prosperity, success, good health, wealth, happiness, fulfilling relationships etc.

Releasing these trapped emotions helps the body to heal physically and emotionally and problems often disappear or become much easier to handle.

Trapping emotions
We trap energies throughout our lives creating blocking beliefs which are buried deep within our sub-conscious mind. They may date back to the time we were conceived when we inherited them from our parents. In many instances, our parents may have inherited trapped emotions from their parents and this line of emotional inheritance may go back several generations.

Between birth and 2 years of age, we absorb the energy of the feelings and emotions of those around us. This continues, although to a lesser degree, throughout our lives.

When we come into our own and become more consciously aware, we trap our own emotions from incidents we experience.

We also continue to absorb energies from people around us and from whatever is going on around us.

In fact, our adult lives are influenced (often governed) by the emotions we trapped during the first 7 years of our lives. Needless to say, many of those emotions could have been distorted views of adult issues which were going on around us as seen through a child’s eyes. And once they are embedded in our subconscious mind, they will continue to affect us throughout our lives. Of course, many children may have had traumatic experiences of their own but the fact is that whatever the intensity of the emotion, they will all have an impact on the adult life..

We trap emotions when we are faced with a situation we cannot handle. That is, we trap the energy of that emotion into our physical body. This happens on a subconscious level. The intensity of the emotion is relative to the age when the incident or situation was experienced and, although the incidemt might appear trivial to an adult, the impact of these emotions can be extremely limiting in later life.

For instance, a child who was frightened by a story, a thunderbolt or a barking dog traps the emotion “Fear”. In adult life, the energy of that trapped emotion Fear can have devastating implications, the person being held back from achieving practically everything in life because of the sub-conscious energy of Fear that is playing in the background. It could show up as Fear of Success, Fear of Receiving Praise, Fear of Expression, Fear of Commitment, Fear of Receiving, etc.

How trapped emotions affect us
It is possible that whatever is eluding us may be caused by our fear of having it. Not the doubts we have now, but the energy of Fear we trapped in childhood which is still within us and continuing to affect us, in ways we would never have imagined, in adult life. It is simply our subconscious mind’s way of keeping us safe. Because the subconscious mind cannot rationalize, it will be applied to any and all situations and we will continue to be affected by its negative impact … that is, until we release these trapped emotional blocks,

So when we notice that we are attracting things we don’t like or want into our lives, it is something within ourselves that is attracting them. It IS hard to believe that WE are actually responsible for attracting the ill health, the difficult relationships, the inability to achieve, the financial stress and/or other disharmonies we may be experiencing into our lives. But it is one of the basic Laws of the Universe and we can use these “indicators” to our advantage to find and release the energies behind them so we can live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives.

The experience which trapped a particular emotion may have faded over time and we may have moved on. To our conscious mind, it is an event we no longer remember or have, perhaps, deliberately forgotten. However, this is not the case. Every incident we have experienced, whether it is small, big, important or otherwise, is imprinted in our subconscious mind in minute detail. So the emotion of that particular "forgotten" incident which we trapped a long time ago, is still within us and may well be the reason for the discomfort and/or lack we are experiencing in our lives. This discord may take the form of poor health, inability to be successful or prosperous, inability to have our dream career, the perfect relationship or whatever else we are unable to have or achieve to our satisfaction.

This is what Dr Bradley Nelson, the founder of the Emotion Code and The Body Code says:
“It is my experience that trapped emotions can exert an astonishing influence over the tissues of the body. What happens when those tissues are continually irritated over time? The first symptom is often pain or subtle malfunction which can be difficult to detect. If tissues are irritated over a long period of time, the tissue may eventually enter into a state of metaplasia, or change. In other words, the specific type of cell begins to revert back to a more primitive cell. The next step is malignancy, or cancer.

While there are a variety of things that are thought to cause cancer, I believe firmly that trapped emotions are a contributing factor to the disease process, as I believe they are to many, if not most other diseases.”

Thought = Feeling = Emotion = Belief (usually hidden or unconscious)

If a subconscious belief is not congruent with what we want, it becomes a barrier to our success in achieving it. As the saying goes “You are what you believe.” and while we are fully aware of our conscious beliefs, our embedded subconscious beliefs actually might surprise us.

For instance, some of them may not even be ours if we absorbed them from someone else when we were very young.

Some common beliefs that children trap are Rejection, Fear, Guilt, Abandonment. Being Unloved,  What actually happened may not have been serious enough to be catagorised as such but the child’s subconscious mind interpreted the experience that way.

Again. please be aware that many children do experience extremely difficult and/or traumatic situations and the trapped emotions would be completely validated.

Fortunately, it is now possible to minimise the impact of trapped emotions so they don't affect lives adversely, years down the track.

Morphic Fields
Every thought and feeling we have is connected to a morphic field.

What is a morphic field?

When 2 people have the same thought or belief, it forms a morphic field of 2. And when there are more people, often millions, with the same views on a subject, the morphic field becomes very powerful. This is also known as collective consciousness.

Advertising relies heavily on the colletive consciousness of people attracted to their advertised products to escalate sales.

Media reporting, tends to focus on bad news causing readers to automatically think of and discuss the negative stories which escalates the situation because it is being fuelled by the negative collective consciousness of what is being reported.

So, to attract the things we want in our lives, we need to connect to good, wholesome, happy morphic fields.






flower energy


hand energy


plant energy


apple energy


key energy


leaf energy

Images of some
common objects showing
their energy fields






energy body









rubber band all

Don't let yourself
be wound up like a
rubber band ball

focus is energy

How do you view issues? ...

Do you think of the problem?
The solution?

The result?

Most people tend to dwell on the problem and that only brings up more of the same.

Sure you want to find answers so you tend to think of solutions but, in doing so, obviously your thoughts will also go to what may not work. And besides, trying to work things out or envision how they will evolve tends to create interference patterns which block good results!

So for the best outcome, train yourself to think of the result. The result that you want.




What is energy?

Everything is energy. We, and everything around us, is energy and whether it is visible or invisible, every bit of it is vibrating at different frequencies. 

Quantum Physics experiments conducted by Albert Einstein and others, have shown that the behavioral patterns of energy molecules possessed intelligence of their own.

All objects have their own energy fields and are generally invisible to most people … unless they are gifted with the ability to see auras and energy. But the Kirlian photography, developed by Semyon Kirlian in late1930, actually showed the energy field as seen in these examples

Scientific experiments have shown that our thoughts have electromagnetic fields and every thought, however small, can vibrate and shift atomic particles in the Universe. Therefore, if we apply the statement "Like attracts Like", we get what we want, or not as the case may be, depending on the emotion behind our thoughts.

We may appear to have physical, solid bodies but as the Kirlian photographs demonstrate, when the human body or, more realistically, a part of the human body, like for instance, a hand, is magnified a million times or more, it eventually breaks down to the smallest sub-atomic particle at the most basic level, with practically no matter. This is the state of everything that exists in the Universe. And like everything else in the Universe, our bodies and our senses absorb, radiate and conduct specific energetic frequencies working with the energy fields around us.

We all have our very own personal energy frequencies as do each and every part of our organs and tissues. And when there is an imbalance in the energies being transmitted, the result can be pain, discomfort and/or disorders in various aspects of our lives (emotional and/or physical) depending on the location and transmission of these imbalances.

universal energy

Universal Energy

How energy affects us
Now let us relate the basics of "energy" to our own life experiences. It is natural for us to experience emotions and when we feel an emotion, we are feeling an energy. During the course of a day we would normally experience several emotions from sadness to ecstasy and everything in between, each one varying in intensity. If we are unable to deal with the situation, we trap the emotion associated with the situation in the form of a ball of energy which gets lodged within our body.

The incident need not be particularly painful or traumatic but if we are unable to handle it, the emotion associated with the incident can get trapped.

The intensity of the trapped emotion relates to the age at which the incident took place. For instance, to a small child, someone else taking the last piece of birthday cake might be a catastrophe, something the child cannot handle and that emotion may get trapped and categorised by the child's subconscious mind as say, Unworthy. Looking back on the incident as an adult, it would appear to be of little or no consequence. So it is important to note that many of the emotions which surface for us as adults are relevant to the time and age at which the incident occurred. However, its energy runs in the background of our human computer system, like software, disrupting our lives.

This is merely an example and is not meant to detract from the horrific, traumatic experiences to which some of us may have been subjected which have resulted in real, deep, emotional scars. It is intended to merely demonstrate that everyone has emotional baggage of some sort ... even if they "think" they have been blessed with the perfect life.

Just as everything in the Universe is made up of energy, our thoughts, feelings and emotions are also energy. These energies have their own energy fields and frequencies all of which resonate with the energetic frequencies of the Universe causing the same to reflect back to us in direct response. In other words, “Like attracts like.”

Keeping this in mind, do we want ALL that we think about? Probably not! So it is important to focus on what we want.

But the trapped emotions remain in our system and until they are released energetically they will continue to have an impact on our lives.

Our Conscious Mind uses about 5% of our mind power while our Sub-Conscious Mind takes up the remaining 95%.

The Conscious Mind is like our personal diary. It is the logical part of our mind, taking responsibility for our thoughts, our actions. and our reasonin. It tells us what we need to do in our everyday lives to ensure that all our obligations to ourselves and others are met


iceberg analogy
The Iceberg Analogy

The Sub-Conscious Mind on the other hand, can be compared to a switchboard which maintains the automatic functioning of a facility. In the same way, our Sub-Conscious Mind, works constantly in the background on an unconscious level, meticulously maintaining the automatic functioning of our body such as our heartbeat, breathing etc.

The Sub-Conscious Mind is a powerhouse of archived information which contains absolutely everything that has happened in our lives. Among them are the emotions we have trapped along the way and these will have an unfavourable impact on our lives.

gaia plant



levels of consciousness

Levels of

(from Dr David R Hawkins'

Chart of Consciousness)


The Levels of Consciousness

David R Hawkins, in his book "Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior" details his study of human behavior. He uses theoretical concepts from particle physics, nonlinear dynamics, and chaos theory to come to his conclusions.

The scale represents logarithmic calibrations of human consciousness at  specific levels and the corresponding level of reality, represented on a scale from 1 to 1000.

Dr. Hawkins refers to Level 200 and Level 500 as the two greatest spiritual growth barriers.
Courage at Level 200 represents a profound shift from destructive and harmful to life-promoting behavior. At the moment apparently about 78% of the world’s population is functioning  below level 200.

Love at level 500 is the way to be in the world. This is not meant in the emotional sense as the word "love" is perceived by most people. At Level 500, the shift from the linear to a non-linear dimension  takes place.



The phrase "Love or Above" refers to the perfect state of being. This is obviously not easy to achieve since apparently only about 4% of the world's population are functioning at this level.
Apparently Einstein, Freud, Newton and Aristotle calibrated at 499 while Buddha, Mother Teresa and Gandhi achieved1000.

Because the scale of consciousness is logarithmic, even small increases represent a leap in power.  So each incremental point represents a giant leap in power which means that if one person calibrates at 600, the negativity of 10 million people below 200 is counterbalanced.

With our new understanding of energy and how it works and affects us, it is possible to raise our consciousness so it calibrates at a higher level and if we are persistent, we could reach the enviable consciousness level of "Love or above" (500) and consequently raise the consciousness of the world.

anything is possible

choose to be happy

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