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As you may have noticed, I like photos and while a few were given to me to use and some are my own, most of the stock photos on this Site have been selected mainly from ...

Credit for these images go to the photographers who shared their work and their names are noted below the images I have used. The images are grouped by the page on which they appear.

I would very much like to promote everyone who has contributed to my Site and so links to each photographer's gallery, as available, appear in the table below the images, with first names in alphabetical order

Links to Photographers' Gallery and/or Website
A K Rehse

Jay Simmons

Kevin Abbott

Aff Photography
Miroslav Kostik
Ayhan Yldiz

Nick Benjaminsz
Pedro Simao

Cecile Graat

Robert Aichinger

Crystal Leigh Shearin

Rob Owen-Wahl
David Pounds

Robert Linder

Da Vinci

Sanja Gjenero

Flavio Takemoto


Gabriella Fabbri

Steve Woods

Gallery for Offshore Platform Wallpapers

The Site has downloadable images of Offshore Platforms to use as Wallpaper

Svilen Milev


Zoran Ozetsky

Ivan Prole

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