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What makes a company successful?

One thing for sure ... it's not just the bottom line!
While posting billion dollar quarterly profits may make shareholders happy and make others envious of the financial success of the company, there is more to being a truly successful company and that is, the people  … from top level management to the messenger. It is the combined efforts of every single individual that impacts on the success of a company, making it soar to incredible heights.

So it is important to ensure that every individual is able to give what is necessary, easily and effortlessly and especially, to enjoy doing so.

This is only possible if everyone is happy and content, not just in their work environment but in every aspect of their lives so that nothing is blocking them from living life to their highest potential which consequently allows them to be 100% present in their workplace.

Since financial results provide the benchmark for measuring success in the business world, it has to be an important and real focus of any company. However, it is particularly important to remember that ensuring the overall health of the company is not overlooked in the process but given the highest priority at all times.

So, what really makes a company successful, is the “Happiness Factor”

And, with the “Happiness Factor” in place, profits are likely to skyrocket! Only then would your company be truly successful in every sense of the word.

Simply stated, what this means is that if every individual in the company is happy, productivity will be at an all time high. They will produce their best work AND, they will love doing it. This is a win-win situation for all concerned.

Disharmonies exist in every organisation. This is to be expected unless, of course, an energetic wellness program has been implemented. Assuming that it hasn't, in order to move forward in this direction, it is essential to start with the understanding that no one is at fault for any disharmonies that may exist. It is not necessary to add to issues with emotions like guilt, regret, blame etc. but instead, we need to be open and giving in order to ensure that any issues which may exist are dissipated.

To achieve these results we need to assess the conditions (or situations) and work with the people concerned, making sure their health and wellness are of primary importance always

We are not talking about a Doctor’s Certificate. In fact, this has nothing to do with conventional medicine but has everything to do with the energetic patterns which run through each person, the company and consequently their connections to people, places, events, other companies etc. which are external to your company.

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The amazing thing about energy work is that when an individual is cleared of energetic emotions, it extends to those around them, thus improving the workplace environment.

So if we have happy individuals, the company will benefit in every way, bottom line included.

Where do we start? The Number 1 culprit is Stress. Some of the symptoms being

  • Feeling inadequate, anxious, irritable, or even depressed
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the task on hand
  • Lack of interest and trouble concentrating
  • Health issues such as sleep apnea, muscle tension, headaches and fatigue
  • Social withdrawal etc.

Stress is very real but it may not always be work or workplace related. We need to emphasize that we are not minimising whatever stress people are experiencing but instead, we are endeavouring to get to the root cause and eliminate it once and for all.

Stress is often attributed to whatever is causing issues at the time it shows up. This is why work situations are often considered to be the cause because it may be something with which the person is struggling, giving rise to statements like  “Work is causing stress”, “I’m stressed at work” etc. However, the stress the person is experiencing may not be work-related at all but may be triggered by an emotion trapped at some point in their lives, often in early childhood.

A trapped emotion is like a piece of software that is running in the background. While it is possible that an incident at work may have triggered a negative reaction or outburst, it was probably not the incident at work that caused this response but the effect of a subconscious emotion trapped earlier in life or even a connection to the "child" the person was when the emotion was trapped. So it is important to understand that the current situation need not necessarily have anyhing to do with the work, the workplace or colleagues.

Of course, everyone handles situations in ways unique to themselves so what affects one person may not necessarily affect another the same way. So, often when something triggers a trapped emotion, the ego steps in and plays mind games, usually negative ones, causing the issue to distort and magnify until it becomes too difficult to handle.

Everyone has issues, some more difficult than others, and if a person is already in a state of overwhelm, whatever the cause, is it any wonder that they cannot cope with the work or project they need to complete? Or even their perception that work is causing the stress?

Medication may show some improvement initially, but it DOES NOT help! The root cause of the stress needs to be cleared and this is done energetically by releasing the energy of the trapped emotion causing it. Medication may suppress the feelings of stress, overwhelm etc. but it could also encourage dependancy which often leads to addiction.

Understanding the true nature of the situation and addessing it effectively is the key to bringing good health and wellbeing to the individual and consequently to the company

There are other issues which relate to the workplace and the root cause of these are also often the result of trapped emotions, belief codes and perceptions. For example,

  • Bullying
  • Personality clashes
  • Too much pressure to meet rising expectations and/or work at optimal levels at all times, often with no acknowledgement.
  • Fear of job loss

In the case of bullying, both the victim and the perpetrator need help. The perpetrator's issues may stem from an earlier or childhood emotional incident. And although this may be hard to understand, the same could apply to the victim who is sending out frequencies which are attracting the responses. It is not something anyone wants, but while certain energetic emotions exist, the results are inevitable. Since these energies exist in the sub-conscious, we are not aware that we are harbouring them.
Personality clashes occur when one person is projecting a certain type of energetic vibration to which the second person responds.

This is common in everyone’s lives. No one is exempt. We have all experienced a personality clash at some stage and, it could show up in our personal lives, at school, university and of course in our work environment..

Because everything (and everyone) is energy, everyone is connected energetically and this affects the way people interact with each other, wherever they are. In an office situation, it is important that these interactions are friendly and amicable to ensure a happy, productive environment both within the company and also with clients and customers external to the company.

Pressure to meet rising expectations can occur when someone is handed a project they are not qualified, nor have the expertise, to do. Assuming this is not the case, trapped emotions may be preventing the person from performing to their highest potential and thereby causing stress and pressure.

Lack of acknowledgement could affect someone who is sensitive, causing them to be anxious about not being appreciated and generating associated mind chatter which can develop into stress. While it is possible that acknowledgement may not have been forthcoming, such sensitivity could also result from the consequences of the energetic frequencies of trapped emotions.

Fear of job loss is common and could occur every time a strategic plan or restructure in initiated. Again, the anxiety could affect work and develop into excessive anxiety or stress. Unnecessary fear can often relate to the effects of trapped emotions.

Talking to counsellors may make the person feel better, mainly because the issue is being shared, but it does not clear the root cause. Similarly, medication may suppress the anxiety providing temporary relief and better sleep conditions but the issue is not cleared. And again, dependancy on medication is a real threat.

Looking on the positive side, when there are no trapped emotions to interfere with whatever is theirs by right, they tend to look on restructures and changes as opportunities, This should be the natural progression which helps every individual to grow and prosper.

With energy healing it is possible to find and release the root cause of the difficulty or stress, clearing the body and mind of the unwanted baggage and allowing the person to be healthy and happy, confident in themselves and in their achievements. And, at the risk of repeating myself, because it is all “energy” work, there is no need for anyone to disclose anything personal to them to anyone. Everything is completely confidential.

Removing the emotions people have trapped throughout their lifetime, helps not only the person concerned but also everyone and everything around them including the companies in which they work.


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