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"Everything is nothing,

with a twist."






"Remember, in the vast infinity
of life, all is perfect, whole, and complete... and so are you."


eckhart tolle book

The book which
started it all

It took me on a healing
path which I cannot explain
because it was not something for which I was looking.

But something made me continue and soon it got my complete attention.

The information came to me in perfect sequence and it was almost like attending an University course because I was gaining knowledge step by step until I found my calling in The Emotionn Code.

Although it is my modality of choice, I am now able to incorporate what I have gained from other modalitie
in order to achieve even
more outstanding results



The journey continues and I look forward to learning more to enhance my energy work to provide much needed healing to all of my clients,

"Let us heal the world,
one person at a time."



A little bit about me ... short version

I am an architect and an energy healer who is able to help people get their lives back. I can help them in all areas including health, wealth, success and relationships, Whether I am working with a sole client, a company or a group, every session I do is always with an individual. YOU. My attention is on YOU 100%. Always.

I mentioned architecture because my experience as an architect, designing spaces for our corporate clients, gave me an insight into the issues people encounter in a group environment. This came about because staff confided in me about work-related and personal difficulties they were experiencing. Although I didn't know it at the time, they were obviously responding to, my energy which wanted to help lessen the burden they were carrying. I could not do anything about it at the time but I can now.

Although I didn't know about energy at the time, the rapport or connection we had was energetic. I wanted very much to help lessen the burden they were carrying. I could not do anything about it at the time but I can now,


A little more about me ... if you have the time and the inclination

I have been a practsing architect for many years and had no plans for changing my career path. And then I found myself on the healing path quite by accident. In mid-2007 I read Eckhart Tolle's book "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" and felt the shift. It was my fitst introduction to "Awareness" and suddenly, everything changed. I didn't realise this at the time because the changes were imperceptible but, looking back, I can see that those subtle changes actually shaped my development as an energy medicine practitioner.

Soon after my encounter with "A New Earth", I found myself tripping over energy healing modalities which kept coming my way. Something made me pursue this unfamiliar subject and I studied each one in depth until I had absorbed the essence and then something else would come my way.

None of this was planned and I was not looking for anything in particular. The new resources came to me and I was prompted to study them. Now I know that is exactly how “energy” works ... what I resonated with (this was subconscious prompted by the shift I had felt) came to me without any conscious action on my part to look for it.

I researched the information and applied each one to myself, finding benefits which were encouraging and, as my interests grew, I signed up for courses and seminars at which founders and practitioners of healing modalities were interviewed.

In 2009 I heard Dr Bradley Nelson being interviewed and something clicked. This modality satisfied everything I needed and it has formed the basis for the work I do today. I believe that the sequential information I had received prepared me for understanding and accepting this work which I would eventually use as my main area of expertise. I continue to pursue other healing principles and draw on relevant information which I am able to effectively use in conjunction with Dr Nelson's work.

But, to tell the story in sequence, I tried the process on myself and was amazed at its simplicity and the fantastic results I was experiencing.

I have had low back pain for several years and it had become increasingly worse with flexibility being seriously jeopardized.

This was the perfect issue with which to experiment. It took me nearly an hour to release all the emotions that came up. Mind you, it was my first attempt and I was teaching myself. I wasn't expecting any results so it took a little while for me to realize that I was feeling no pain. None at all and I was completely flexible without any effort. I had previously experienced relief from other modalities but after a few days the discomfort had returned so I put this in the "wait & see" basket. Now, many years down the track, I am happy to report that the pain has not returned and I continue to be very flexible.

I also had developed a bad case of Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder which causes the jaw to lock making jaw movement painful.  Since modalities had not helped, I had eventually consulted a doctor who confirmed my diagnosis and advised that surgery may correct it but there was no guarantee of a permanent cure. So I did nothing and, as with any painful condition, I got used to it and found little tricks to make it easier to manage.

After my initial success with my lower back pain, my TMJ Disorder was next on my list. Over the next 20 minutes or so, several emotions came up and were released. At the end of the session, the pain had disappeared and it has not returned either.

Then I did an experiment with my eyesight. I have always been shortsighted and wear prescription lenses for driving and watching TV. My vision had not deteriorated and I had been using the same prescription over the last 15 years or so.

After releasing the disharmonious energetic emotions relating to my poor distance vision, I was disappointed that I did not see any perceptible change. In the days that followed, I noticed I was actually finding it difficult to read street signs which as discouraging.

My annual eye test came up a couple of months later and at the clinic, I started started reading the Snellen Chart when suddenly my optometrist said "What have you been doing?" and I thought ... here it comes. But he continued "Your vision has improved!” following which he wrote me a prescription for new lenses. I now had the answer to what had actually happened. The reason why I had found it difficult to read street signs was because the prescription lenses I was using were suddenly too strong!

Then I decided to try something different and work on my career, success etc. releasing anything that might be standing in my way. I had reached a stage in my professional life where everything remained the same ... nothing better, nothing worse. Just stagnant

I wasn't sure what would show up. Most people think of "healing" as being health related I did too at the time and so I wasn't banking on getting good results with this experiment. Then shortly after I had cleared my Heart Wall (which is a symbolic "wall" we build around our heart to protect us from being hurt), I was feeling my way around an familiar Website when I accidentally clicked on an entry and it happened to be an advertisement for office space which the tenant wanted to re-assign. I was not looking for office space but something prompted me to contact the advertiser. I saw the space the next day, loved it and took it.

Something had  fallen into place. Going back in time, I have always been interested in unusual products of good design and whenever anyone asked me about my plans after retirement from my architectural practice, I would say "I'd love to have a gimmicks shop." I have also been known to jokingly say that if I became "wildly successful" I would find a place in Collins Street (the “5th Ave” of Melbourne). I was never really serious and they were just flippant comments but oddly enough, this office space happened to be in Collins Street!

Releasing my blocks to success had brought my energetic frequencies in alignment with one of my subconscious desires, allowing it to manifest. This is a perfect example of the Law of Attraction in action and this incident also demonstrated that putting something out there casually without obsessing about the outcome is what actually works. 

It was also a lesson to be careful about what I wish for, especially when it's expressed in fun. That is, we often say things we don't really mean and we certainly don't want them to manifest. So I am now more conscious about my thoughts and try to steer clear of negative ones.

I moved into my new space and while I was setting up my gimmicks shop I noticed that most of the tenants in the building were health and wellness practitioners and it dawned on me that perhaps THAT was what I was meant to do. So I got my qualification and became a fully Certified Practitioner. Although this modality forms the basis of my work, I bundle other powerful modalities with it, to assist me in producing profound outcomes.

The practical work I had to do for my certification included working on 30 people (including animals) and my list of clients is now in the 100s and we have seen positive results in all, some more than others. This is because for some, the root cause(s) may be more deep-seated and/or traumatic and consequently, may take longer to show up.


Why I know I can help Companies and Groups
Although my work always involves working with individuals, I have tried to design this Site to show how I can offer services to companies and groups as well because people often cannot relate one to the other. Man people don't even know ust how much energy affects organisations.

The main reason why I feel I can be of assistance to companies and groups is because I know and understand the human side of the corporate world while also being fully conversant with energy healing.

Having worked in the building industry for many years as a practising architect, I have had the opportunity to work with our corporate clients in a highly interactive manner. My expertise, apart from design and documentation, includes project management, facility management, construction management, contract administration etc. and the projects I have undertaken included various sectors in the commercial and industrial field.

The reason I am mentioning this is to demonstrate that I know corporate culture over various industries and associated sectors. I have interacted with several major corporations in an effort to understand the needs of management and staff (from the CEO to the mail room staff), to provide design solutions to meet their needs. I have spent time with the junior staff to understand their needs because often, they don’t have a voice. Even at that  time, I knew that every staff member's contribution is vitally important to the success of the company.  So I knew that everyone’s needs had to be met in order to achieve the perfect solution. So my solutions were always aimed at achieving enhanced productivity for the company by happy staff.

Interestingly, on every project I have handled, several people (both Management and Staff at all levels) have often confided in me about their difficulties, both work-related and personal'. I probably knew more about these issues than their colleagues who interacted with them every working day.  I hasten to add that these confidences have remained with me and I have not disclosed any part of it to anyone. But this experience opened my eyes to the fact that many of the issues which exist in companies are not entirely physical and that a good, workable workspace, while providing some ease and comfort in work conditions, would not eliminate the work-related and personal emotional difficulties an individual was facing nor would it stop affecting those around them and consequently, the company.

So while I was able to design a work environment which satisfied everyone's needs, there was nothing I could do to alleviate their personal issues at the time.

But it is a different story today. I now find myself in the unique position of having pertinent experience in both the corporate and healing worlds and therefore, I am now able to deliver this unique service that is most needed. And because I already know the basic common difficulties that exist in any corporate or group environment, it is possible to step in and start to make improvements from Day One.


Social Media
It’s an individual’s prerogative to join or not, as the case may be, and I decided to go against the trend and not jump on the bandwagon. In addition to my personal reasons, I feel that every minute spent reading, posting and/or texting comments, quotes, images etc., liking strangers and asking strangers to like me, would be much better spent assisting YOU!

I was told by a Facebook user that it was the only way he was able to get 80,000+ followers. What would I do with 80,000+ followers? Perhaps I could send out mass emails. But that’s not who I am. I would much prefer to give YOU individual attention.

My thoughts about testimonials


Testimonials have always been used in promotional marketing to extoll the virtues of companies, products and services but are all of them authentic? Can all of them be believed?

Testimonials are essentially endorsements, the object being to promote products or services as opposed to reviews where both Pros and Cons are presented. I am referring to testimonials posted by businesses on their Websites.

The testimonials I have read are all excellent, in fact so glowing that they often make me wonder if there really are so many absolutely “perfect” individuals, companies, products and/or services around. Maybe there are but to me it seemed odd that everyone and everything would have such oerwhelmingly impeccable credentials. Delving a little further, I came across disparaging comments made by disgruntled consumers on forums and complaints Sites about some of these very products/services. And then, on a more serious note, there were the litigations, many of which were brought against those who have misrepresented themselves with fake testimonials!

My enquiring mind sent me on an investigative journey, the results of which were interesting, although not particularly surprising. In support of my findings, I also discovered that official investigations carried out on the authenticity of testimonials have found irregularities which has prompted the United States Federal Trade Commission to introduce (in 2009) a new set of rules which make it illegal to provide testimonials that “ … mislead consumers and affect consumers’ behaviour or decisions about the product or service.” 

It is doubtful whether this would stop misleading testimonials from being published. This practice is partly encouraged by trusting consumers, not knowing enough and believing everything they read and partly by corporations not taking (or having) the time to do some diligent verification. The Internet has prompted a plethora of testimonials or reviews (which now appear to be synonymous) and, in practically all areas, they seem to be the accepted standard in benchmarking.

Because there is no way of knowing the authentcity of the testimonials (in the absence of verification), the danger is in fake testimonials being used as the benchmark against which genuine ones are compared.

On the enterprising front, this disreputable practice has prompted an emerging breed of entrepreneurs providing “testimonial verification services”, to evolve!

Read what The Guardian has to say in this article

Needless to say, I have been disillusioned by this practice and have opted not to provide any.

In my practice, I often provide free sessions to clients and I have been told by seemingly reputable coaches to ask these clients for “good” testimonials in exchange for the free sessions. I was assured that this is a common practice in all industries but I was appalled at the suggestion because, apart from not wanting to "ask" for a testimonial, I couldn’t possibly make a conditional request, let along barter! My clients’ experiences would vary and asking for a "good" testimonial is just not right in my book. Also, if clients are asked to provide testimonials, they may feel obliged to provide good ones even if their experiences were not. So in my opinion, testimonials should always be voluntary.

I also know of several “genuine” testimonials which were provided by friends and family of business owners because they had a sense of obligation to see the businesses they were supporting, succeed.

In his book "Beyond Willpower: The secret principle to achieving success in Life Love & Happiness", Dr Alex Loyd mentions that when he needed some help with his own business he had sought advice from his friend Ken Johnston (COO of one of the largest personal development companies in USA at the time) who was having astounding success with his seminar programs, judging by the testimonials which were being posted. It turns out that the testimonials represented just 3% of the participants which if far from desirable.

Quoting from the book, "According to industry insiders, the success rate is about 3% and from that 3% they get enough testimonials for their marketing to portray a success machine that works for anyone and everyone. But according to their own experience, that isn’t so."

All that said, I am not for a moment, implying that all testimonials are fabricated but merely taking a stand against those that are.

While I have decided not to provide testimonials, I can say that I have had excellent results with some of my clients on their very first session, whereas with others it has taken several sessions to get the desired results. That is normal because the results are dependant on the emotional “baggage” each person is carryng. So try it for yourself. I invite you to get in touch with me and experience the healing for yourself. Then YOU can be the judge.


anything is possible

choose to be happy

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